First Texas Energy  Corporation 

Deborah Mourain is the President of First Texas Energy Corporation. Mrs. Mourain leads the Executive team and is responsible for business performance, implementing strategy, and oversight. Mrs. Mourain has over 30 years of experience in commodity trading, and commercial logistics. Before her current role, she was a Vice-President at First Texas Energy Corporation, developing initiatives that broadened the company’s market share in Europe and North America. Her strategic focus on profitability as well as corporate integrity has laid a strong foundation for an exciting future at Fist Texas Energy Corporation. Mrs. Mourain has served in the board of many organizations; including Diamond Logistics Houston, where she was a Vice-President. She earned her Bachelors of Science Degree at South Eastern Louisiana University and received other professional certifications and seminars in Project and Performance Management, Real Estate, Business Law, and Leadership Studies. 

Sharon Sullivan is the Chief Operating Officer of First Texas Energy Corporation. Ms. Sullivan leads the corporate strategy team that is responsible for supporting the organizational goals, such as identifying and developing business opportunities, staffing contracts, acquisitions, partnerships, and emerging technologies. She is highly regarded in energy industry circles, with a scope of experience extending from industrial communications to project development and trade consultancy. Her leadership has been very vital in attaining many important organizational milestones at First Texas Energy Corporation.  Ms. Sullivan received her university education from Ohio State University. 

Taiwo Olowu is the Regional Director for Africa and Middle East. Olowu directs and evaluates all Oil and Gas opportunities, investments, and operations in the region. He has over 27 years experience and widely regarded in corporate and commercial banking. He had held leadership positions at United Bank for Africa and Capital Bank. He was also previously the Head of Treasury of the French financial conglomerate, Credit Bank Lyonnais, Nigeria. As the bank’s principal treasurer, he developed and implemented key investment initiatives that led to its bold turnaround in Africa. He was also at various times the Head of Marketing and Business Development of the bank; Regional Manager (Federal Capital Territory, Abuja); Regional Manager, Warri & PH (Oil Producing Area). His vision was significant to developing important partnerships with local Oil & Gas companies, such as Shell Oil, Chevron Texaco, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, and African Petroleum. Olowu is also the Chairman Board of Directors of Tandy Investments Limited, with major operations in Africa and the Middle East.  
 Olowu has is an alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University and an Associate of Chartered institute of Bankers London (ACIB); and Nigerian Institute of management (AMNIM). He earned his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. His character, unique experiences, vision; and the special attention to globalization have been essential in shaping the First Texas Energy philosophy and broadening the company’s growth in the past few years.

Freddie De Asis coordinates the activities of First Texas Energy in the Asia-Pacific region. He has diverse experiences in both management and consultancy. Before his current role, he had collaborated with First Texas Energy in many ventures in the Asian market and his leadership remains critical in gaining good market share in that region. He is an industry insider and well versed in trading of petroleum products and other commodities. He was previously a Senior Consultant with SAPHI OILS, with clients that included regional Oil & Gas giants such as WVC Petroleum Singapore, CNCPC Beijing, Shell Philippines, FLYING V Group of Companies, UNI OIL Philippines, Philippine Air Lines, and Halliburton Philippines.Mr. De Asis is also a community activist and a resource speaker both in the government and private sectors. Mr. De Asis holds an Electronics and Communication Engineering degree from Far East Asia Technological Institute University in Manila Philippines, where is currently based.

Peter Viles, Esq. is the General Counsel and represents First Texas Energy Corporation in all legal matters. He is an Oil & Gas industry insider and has excelled in complex trade and financial transactions. Mr. Viles is the senior partner and founder of Viles Law Firm, P.C. The law firm, located physically in Houston, Texas, and virtually on the internet (, welcomes clients in the following matters: Business law, Criminal Defense, Immigration, and Personal Injury. The law firm is backed by dynamic attorneys who are versed in both international law and the complex U.S. legal system. Mr. Viles is a member of the bars of Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Washington, D.C. He is also admitted to the United States District Courts in the Southern District of Texas and in the Western District of Pennsylvania. He earned a Master of Arts in Linguistics from the University of South Carolina where he specialized in syntax and second language acquisition, and he was awarded his Juris Doctor (J.D.) by Tulane Law School in 1996 where he also received a Certificate in Maritime Law. He is widely traveled and speaks English, Farsi, German, and Spanish.