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US drilling activity continues to climb

By OGJ editors

HOUSTON, Aug. 22 -- US drilling activity continued to increase, up by 8 rotary rigs to 1,998 working, the highest weekly count since the week ended Mar. 8, 1985, and up from 1,816 in this period a year ago, Baker Hughes Inc. reported for the week ended Aug. 22.
Land operations accounted for the bulk of the increase, up 9 rigs to 1,904. Offshore drilling increased by 2 to 68 units in US waters, although the Gulf of Mexico was unchanged at 63. Inland water activity declined by 3 rigs to 26.
Of the rigs working this week, 1,594 were drilling for natural gas, an increase of 8. The number drilling for oil was unchanged at 395, while 9 rigs were unclassified. Directional drilling increased by 13 to 389 rigs. Horizontal drilling was up by 3 to 603.
Among the major producing states, California had the biggest increase, up 6 to 51 rotary rigs working. Arkansas added 5 for 59. Oklahoma increased by 4 to 212. Louisiana was up 3 to 193. New Mexico gained 2 to 83, and Texas was unchanged with 931 rotary rigs working. North Dakota and Alaska each lost 1 rig to 74 and 9, respectively. Colorado and Wyoming were down 3 each to 117 and 74, respectively.
Canada's rig count increased by 31 to 457, up from 319 a year ago.

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